The Greater Kokstad Municipality is very active within the structures of the Intergovernmental Relations, from the District Mayoral Forum, MUNIMEC, and Premier’s Coordinating forum, and Municipal Manager’s Forum. This assist the Municipality in ensuring the Good Governance within the institution is properly implemented. We believe that implementation of this approach will further assist the Municipality in ensuring the delivery of services to the community. The municipality has employ door to door campaign approach in attempt intensify the debt collection strategy. The Campaign is aimed to remind Government departments and community members to pay their debts with the municipality so that we can continue to render services to public without any challenges of budget constraints. This is the approach we will continue to use to improve our debt collection strategy. The strategic goals of the municipality include the “Radical economic transformation towards inclusive economic growth”.

In realizing this goal the Municipality has established new department of Planning and Economic Development which will lead us directly to a city that will attract investors, that has a well-planned infrastructure and progressive Local Economic Development Programmes. The local economic Development will assist to come up with economic development strategy that will ensure that the Municipal Vision becomes a reality.

I am pleased to announce that, the Municipality has received the 5th consecutive Unqualified Audit Opinion from the Auditor General for the financial year 2016/2017. This is an achievement given the challenges the municipality was facing in the previous years. We are working tirelessly to achieve the clean Audit Opinion collectively the Council and Management. The newly appointed Municipal Manager has been given that task of delivering the Clean Audit for the people of Kokstad.

Our groundwork has started by ensuring that all critical posts are filled by qualified personnel. I will end by urging Councillors to continue do their oversight work and the Management continue to implement Council Policies and resolutions as expected and give the community services that they deserve. We are working together in promoting accountability and Transparency, sound governance and sound financial management in order for us to comply with all legislations that will lead us to a Clean Audit opinion. Yours in Service Delivery