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Governance Overview

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Governance at Greater Kokstad Municipality is made up of Political & Administrative Governance, Inter-governmental Relations, and Public Accountability & Participation along with Corporate Governance. Political & Administrative Governance is the breakdown of Elected Councillors, the committees they sit on, & the number of meetings they attend. It further looks at the administrative aspect of the municipality in terms of the organizational structure being implemented and a distinction made of the business units and their respective functions. Intergovernmental Relations is basically the relationship that the municipality forges with other sector departments in order to carry out day to day activities, like National Treasury, the Auditor General & the Provincial Department of CoGTA. Public accountability is the way the Municipality operates with regards to the communities by way of holding community meetings, Izimbizo’s and the process of ward committees dealing with issues within the wards. Corporate Governance looks at issues of transparency and accountability whereby the municipality outlines its top risks, and also the way in which they run the Supply Chain Management Unit. Together these important aspects intertwine and are forged so as to ensure all aspects of the municipality are properly functioning and that communities receive quality services at an affordable price.

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