The Greater Kokstad Municipality has fully thrown its weight behind ensuring that the reading capabilities of pre-scholars are honed while they are still young.

The Municipality has done this by being part of promoting the Early Childhood Development Programme, an initiative by the country’s President Cyril Ramaphosa by playing a pivotal role evidenced when the Municipality’s Deputy Mayor Councillor Karen Walker and the Speaker, Cllr Bheki Nozaza led the council to Siyakhula Day Care and Pre-School where they handed over school equipment to better assist the children with their education.

The municipal leadership believes that investing in educating the children is one of the key pillars to becoming "A People-Centred City of Economic Possibilities by 2047”. During the handover, Cllr Nozaza highlighted that “As the government, it is imperative to lend a hand to those who are trying to create jobs and make a change in the lives of people.” He further mentioned that the government appreciates the initiative that the Principal of the Pre-School, Ms Nomonde Moya, has taken in educating the little ones as it will help to keep them off the streets in their youth.

The Deputy Mayor concurred with this statement by saying: “I would like to request the teachers to print the picture of these children and place them on the wall, and make a follow up on the progress made by the children in the next 5-10 years. I believe that they will appreciate it and it will give them motivation to advance themselves and become whatever they ought to be in this lifetime".

The Principal said most of the children in the Pre-School are from the Marikana area which is one of the places in Kokstad that has a high number of disadvantaged families. Ms Moya further relayed a word of gratitude to the Municipality, saying: “We would like to thank the Municipality for responding to the call when we asked for assistance”. She further mentioned that she was very happy to see heaters as it gets very cold in winter and this will help the little ones stay warm and focus on the lessons given rather than being preoccupied with the means to get warm as it affects their concentration. “I pray you will do the same for others,” said Ms Moya in closing.

By Nomzekelo Selani