THROUGH excellent and regular monitoring of cooperatives, the Greater Kokstad Municipality is one of the few Municipalities with sustainable cooperatives that continue to improve the lives of communities by creating job opportunities and upskilling some of the community members.

Evidence to this is a massive Franklin Farming Cooperative, called the Thuthukani Ma-Afrika, which has become a major fruit and vegetable supplier to the reputable supermarkets in Kokstad. The cooperative has since been growing annually through the improved spin-offs as per the size of the hectares that have been ploughed, depending on the market of that particular season.

However, Thuthukani Ma-Africa is one of the sustainable and growing coops in the Greater Kokstad Municipality as it excels in its maize harvest. The Chairperson of the coop, Siyabonga Nomlala said he ploughed maize on 30 hectares, which is 9 tons per hectare.

“Last year I managed to plough 18 hectares, meaning there was a great improvement this year,” said Nomlala. He added this year he will be planting maize in all 34 hectares he was given by the Greater Kokstad Municipality and is expecting to lease more land from the surrounding farmers.     

He said Agriculture is in his veins and encouraged the youth to get into   it to promote food security as South Africa needs to produce products from its own land and stop depending on other countries for its means of production. Nomlala  further  conveyed  his gratitude  to  the  Greater  Kokstad Municipality for its support in ensuring that his coop succeeds.